Advertising Hub Limited. (The Publisher)
Terms and Conditions for acceptance of advertisements

1. The Advertising Hub Ltd. ("the Publisher") reserves the right to refuse publication of any advertisement without prior notice or explanation. The Publishers also reserves the right to vary any advertisement in any way they deem fit, at any time before publication, whether or not the advertisement has already been accepted for publication.

1a. Every effort is made to minimise errors in advertisements however mistakes do sometimes occur, advertisers or their agents should therefore check their advertisements and inform us of any errors. Responsibility cannot be accepted for more than one incorrect insertion.

2. Whilst the Publisher will endeavour to represent the best interests of the client in undertaking client's instructions, it is fully understood that it is the agreed responsibility of the client to supply the Advertising Hub Ltd. accurate and honest copy details of the advertisement(s) to be placed. Any alterations to the Advert Proof supplied by the Publisher must be received 4 hours after the proof is issued. If we don't hear instructions regarding the Advert Proof we will take that as authority to proceed.

3. Guarantee of insertion cannot be given and the Publisher shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any error or inaccuracy in the printing of an advertisement or by the total or partial failure, however caused, of publication or distribution of The Wimborne & District Little Guide or any other publication produced by the Publisher. In no case shall the total liability of the Publisher for any misprint, error or omission exceed the price charged by the Publisher for that advertisement. The Publisher shall not be liable for any damage or loss, save as stated and in particular, the Publisher shall have no liability to the Advertiser in any circumstances for any claim for damages to, loss of, or costs in respect of any anticipated profits, revenues, business opportunities or for any other indirect or consequential loss. Typographical or minor changes, which do not affect the value of the advertisement, do not qualify for re-publication or allowances.

4. Claims for any error or inaccuracy in the printing of any advertisement must be made within 10 days of publication.

5. Advertisers are requested to check their advertisements after the first insertion. The Publisher will not be responsible for any errors on subsequent insertions, which have not been advised to them.

6. Cancellation of an advertisement must be advised in writing 30 days prior to copy date. If a discount is received for a multiple month advert bookings the advert can not not be cancelled until this period has expired.

7. Unless agreed otherwise in writing by the Publisher the terms of payment for credit accounts are 7 days before publication. Any discount, which the Publisher may have agreed with the advertiser, will be forfeited in the event of failure by the advertiser to meet these credit terms. Account facilities are granted at the discretion of the Company.

7a. All accounts must be settled within the terms agreed by the Company and the Customer and all account queries must be notified, preferably in writing, to the accounts department of the Publisher within 7 days of the Invoice date.

7b. Should an advertiser be in breach of the agreed terms, the publisher shall be entitled to levy a 10% surcharge on the value of the whole debt in respect of accounts with terms of less than 30 days, and any discounts or commissions that had been allowed will be reclaimed.

7c. Regular monthly accounts that are in breach of the agreed terms will pay an interest rate of 10% on the amount that the account is overdue. Discounts or commissions that had been allowed will be reclaimed. Should legal action be required then interest will be charged in accordance with the County Court Act 1984.

8. All rates quoted are subject to VAT at the current rate in force at the time the advertisement appears.

9. Copyright of advertisements produced wholly by the Publisher belongs to the Publisher and advertisers may not reproduce such advertisements without the Publisher's consent.

10. Full details of copy dates are obtainable from the Advertising Hub and/or its representatives.

11. The placing of an order for an advertisement verbally or otherwise shall amount to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

12. Where an advertiser instructs / appoints an advertising agent to act on their behalf, the advertiser will remain jointly and severally liable for payment in respect of the advertisement(s) should the appointed agent fail to pay. For the avoidance of doubt, the agent acts for the advertiser and not the publisher with the agent being responsible for notifying the advertiser of this liability.

13. Data Protection: The service you have requested may require us to carry out a credit search at a credit referencing agency, which will record the fact that a search has been made. We may need to share your information with other lenders and credit reference agencies. However, we will only use the information from these searches to make credit-granting decisions and, if necessary, for fraud prevention or tracing debtors.

14. All digital services are maintained in partnership with the Publishers hosting service providers. Every effort is made to ensure the continuity of these services, but some occasional technical downtime beyond the Publishers control may occur. The Publisher and its associated companies shall be under no liability if the production and distribution of web services is delayed or prevented by any cause beyond the control of the Publisher.