Sending your artwork file

Prefered File Specification
Before sending your artwork please check it conforms to the check list below as this will help to avoid any unnecessary delays or costs.

1. File to be supplied as a print ready PDF/X-1a (Coated FOGRA39).

2. File to be supplied 1up centred on page.

3. Crop marks to be added to all edges and centred within the page.

4. Images to be at least 300dpi resolution. For more information on Images click here.

5. All colours to be CMYK (NO RGB or Spot Pantones).*

6. Layers and transparencies are to be flattened before creating the PDF.

7. 3mm bleed to be added to all edges.**

8. Quiet border - Any text or image that does not bleed should not be less than 5mm from the trimmed edge.**

* We can convert RGB and Pantone spot colours to CMYK but be aware
that the colour of any images and text may change due to
limitations in the conversion process and may not look the same as
those on your computer screen or inkjet/laser printout.

** Only applies if your advert is full page
and the print goes to the
edge of the page.
For more information on Bleed and Quiet Borders click here.

If your artwork does not conform to the above guidelines or you
are unable to create a PDF please send it anyway as we may still be
able to use it. In the message area of the form below please tell us
the name and version of the program used to produce your
artwork. Please send fonts (typefaces) and images used in your artwork as separate files.
Please send your file(s) via this link to info@aroundguides.co.uk
Please include a message saying which magazine(s) your file is for.
If you are sendng compressed/zip files, DO NOT send them in .exe format.
Files RECEIVED in .exe format WILL BE DELETED!